A normal Wednesday night service involves food, a game, live worship, and small groups. 

Our vision for youth ministry is that each youth come to: 

1. Know God, 

2. Own their faith, & 

3. Live out their faith. 

We help them do this through: 

1. Teaching God's Word

2. Creating a safe place for them to ask questions, &

3. Helping them find ways to apply God's word to their world. 

We meet every Wednesday night in the main sanctuary from 7 p.m. to 8:15 p.m. 

Karen Bastible

Youth Pastor

Karen has been serving in youth ministry for over 6 years. And has been with Waterhouse Church since 2019. Karen grew up in Amarillo, Texas and there she realized her call to serve in youth ministry. 

If it weren't for her being surrounded by so many amazing youth leaders when she was younger she wouldn't be where she is now. That is why she works hard to place your youth with leaders who care about your students faith. 

Get to know our leaders

Below are some of our amazing small group leaders.


Guys Small Group Leader

AKA Marky-Mark has been a leader at Waterhouse Church as long as he's been able to. He has led the children's ministry, is part of the worship team, and is one of our favorite guys small group leaders. Mark can find anything to talk about and you'll never be bored when he's around. Mark is a great speaker and you can see him as a Sunday morning guest speaker here.


Guys Small Group Leader

AKA Zach-Attack is the adventure seeker of the group. Zach has been volunteering with Waterhouse Youth for more than 2 years and has stepped up to lead the group many times when needed. He makes connections quickly and is great at making new people feel welcomed. 


Girls Small Group Leader

Reagan is the most trendy of all our small group leaders and can usually tell you what that new word your youth has been saying means. She is wise beyond her years and has such a kind soul. Reagan, Schyler, & Delanie are sisters and often lead small groups together. 


Girls Small Group Leader

Schyler is one of our amazing small group leaders who spends time getting to know the girls in her small group. She has been at Waterhouse Church since she was a youth. Schyler has a contagious laugh and is always excited to make new people feel comfortable and seen. 


Girls Small group Leader

Delanie is an amazing small group leader who listens well and remembers the details of your story. Delanie and Schyler are twins and it's amazing to get to see them lead together and help the middle school girls laugh and grow. Delanie serves behind the scenes often and is always eager to help in any way possible. 

looking to get involved?

Become a small group Leader

We are always in need of help during our Wednesday night youth service. If you have a heart for youth and helping them come to know God in a real and meaningful way you can sign up to volunteer here. Or email Karen Bastible at